Discovery stage

Discovery Stage

Many years of product consulting enable us to complete the initial prototyping phase more quickly.

Thanks to this, we can soon move on to the next high-volume phase Delivery.


refines the requirements for a future product from lo-fi to hi-fi level.


a minimally valuable product for the user in a very short period of time.

Discovery stage in product development

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Discovery Phase

We organize Customer Development and in-depth interviews with users to identify their key priorities and define the product's target audience.
Product Vision
CustDev, JTBD, ABCDX-segmentation
We will develop a prototype in Figma or a full MVP version of the product based on the priority hypotheses from the HADI cycles generated by CustDev and JTBD.
Hypothesis prioritization, HADI-cycles
We will conduct corridor tests and initial testing of the prototype on users to identify the most promising areas of product development.
A/B testing
Testing without software development

Assist in the Discovery phase

during product development.