Software evolution

Software Evolution

Life does not stand still and presents us with new challenges that we need to be able to cope with.

This includes making timely changes to customer communication processes.


digital platforms to the latest versions and keeping them up to date.


your solutions to meet new user requirements and business needs.

Modification of the communication software

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Trends in business communications

Communication with customers is no longer limited to phone calls. Mail and chat are actively integrated via APIs into your enterprise applications to unify communications.
Calls and Emails
The share of communications via CRM and contact centers in social networks is growing - correspondence with customers publicly in comments on public forums or individually in private messages.
Social media
YouTube, Facebook, Instagram
Your users want more autonomy to quickly manage their profile, data, actions and transactions through chatbots integrated with enterprise applications and databases.
WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram

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your communication platforms and services.