First line of support

1st support line

We provide tech support services for your customers on your digital products and IT services.

Thanks to our accumulated experience and modern tools, our outsourced support is often more effective than in-house support.


helps customers solve problems and increases their loyalty.


correct and fast user activation ensures new customer LTV growth.

First line of support

Find out the cost of support

Leave your contacts so we can send you the 1st line tech support cost data for users and customers of your digital services.

1st Support Line Instruments

A dedicated phone channel is provided for urgent questions, where customers can get a quick response from a trained support operator.
Phone Calls
IVR, AI routing, Speech Analytics
Informal messenger communication not only increases user trust in the digital product and the developer's brand, but also accelerates onboarding.
Integration with CRM, Chatbot
The classic email support channel can be integrated with corporate helpdesk systems and CRMs, combining the first and second lines.
Integration with CRM, Service Desk

We provide 1st line

support outsourcing services.