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Our Services

We specialize in amoCRM API integrations.

We connect different applications and databases and make them work together. Set up the integration from scratch or use ready-made integrations.


with clients from amoCRM through calls, chatbots, messengers and social networks.

Data exchange

between amoCRM and other applications, such as warehouse, CRM and ERP systems.

Helping applications find a common language with amoCRM

Popular integrations for amoCRM

We will perform amoCRM API integration with any application. Our developers will do it even if there is no ready integration.


Исходящие звонки по клику из amoCRM. Входящие звонки с открытием карточки клиента. Автообзвон по этапам воронки. Запись звонков внутри amoCRM.

Integration with telephony
Website and mail

Сбор лидов с форм на сайтах и лендингах. Воронки прогрева клиентов через лид-магниты. Выгрузка данных из amoCRM в личный кабинет клиента.

Site integration

Переписка с клиентами из интерфейса amoCRM. Автоматическая отправка КП и счетов на оплату. Сбор лидов и заказов через чат-боты.

WhatsApp integration

Сбор лидов из комментариев к постам и обращений в директ. Автоматические ответы в Instagram. История переписки в amoCRM.

Instagram integration

Обмен данными между CRM-системами. Синхронизация коммуникаций и стадий сделок у клиентов в воронках продаж обеих CRM.

Salesforce integration

Chats with users from the amoCRM interface. Automatic sending of invoices to Slack for payment. Collecting orders from chats.

Slack integration

Facts and Figures

We have been integrating CRM systems with our customers' applications and services for more than 10 years. Every day we support about 100 projects.



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The Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) is the largest venture capital fund in Eastern Europe. To cope with the flow of applications from startups, we use amoCRM. We recommend our partner CONTACT.WORK!
Konstantin Pashkov, Lead Manager
At our Academy of Business we help create profitable beauty salons. Without a CRM-system, this is now impossible. We use amoCRM in conjunction with other services. We recommend the integrator CONTACT.WORK to our students.
Academy of Business
Marina Skiba, Founder
I advise businesses on process optimization and lean production. And of course I advise them amoCRM. When it comes to integrating amoCRM with something else, I turn to CONTACT.WORK, and I can recommend this team!
Nikolay Shvedchikov, CEO

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