We help build and launch digital products – contact centers, CRM systems and Customer Success Platforms.

So that you sell even more and more often, and spend less on quality customer support.


Use customer communication tools to grow revenue.


help your customers or partners with their tasks.

Digital products and services for effective communications

IT services and facilities

We specialize in creating solutions for communications in the digital environment. Our developers have deep expertise.


Helping you shape your Product Vision, validate your product idea and move through the Discovery stage faster through prototyping, MVP design and A/B testing.

Software Design

We take on a turnkey basis to develop a software product, implement tasks from the backlog, start testing and bring the product to the Production stage.

Development and launch

Let's summarize our 15 years of experience in digital communications and apply it to your task, taking into account your industry specifics and working business processes.

Best practices

We will provide a reliable team for your project – experienced developers of different grades (Junior, Middle and Senior) working according to Agile and Scrum methodology.

Custom development
First line

Support your customers and users who need advice or assistance with your software product, cloud service or IT service.

Customer Support
Second line

Provide support for your employees who need to resolve a technical issue while your in-house IT staff is focused on a key business challenge.

Employee support

Facts and Figures

For over 15 years we have been developing products and services for digital communications. We support more than 100 projects daily.



Calls Per Day

Messages Per Day

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In our business processes of sales and support we actively use for communications with clients, employees and partners telephony, services and web-interfaces developed by CONTACT.WORK specialists.
Coral Travel, tour operator
Chengiskhan Ali, CIO
Thanks to the integration capabilities of the company's IT solutions, we have successfully built into our systems the functionality of calling passengers and promptly informing them about changes in flights.
Utair airlines
Alexander Dormenko, IT Director
I express my gratitude to CONTACT.WORK company for cooperation in the field of creation of automated call-center, which allowed to increase the number of effective calls and reduce the downtime of operators.
Beeline, mobile operator
Sergey Tolstograev, Director


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